Rocket Jump Technology
Based in Manchester, UK

Release date:
18th May 2023 (Early Access)

Steam (PC, Mac, Linux)
Epic Games Store (PC, Mac)
Itch.io (PC, Mac, Linux)


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Settle an untamed wilderness with the might of Dwarven engineering and thoughtful planning! Design and build your colony towards fame and fortune in a deeply-simulated fantasy world. Chill out in peaceful mode with a bustling settlement, or fight for survival against monsters and invasions!


Mountaincore started life known as King under the Mountain all the way back in 2015. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, the game launched in a still very early form initially to Itch.io in 2019 and then to Steam Early Access in 2021. Although players generally loved the game and the promise of what was to come, the launch was not a commercial success and development could continue only slowly as a hobby project. A few months after the launch we were approached by a well-known publisher who wanted us to revamp the game ready for a re-launch to Steam after 9 months of full time development with a small team. The publisher asked that we did not communicate this to the existing community other than a brief update about what was going on at the start of this period, so many fans quite rightly thought that the game must have been abandoned. At the completion and successful delivery of the 9-month roadmap, the publisher decided to pull out, citing "too many similar games in the genre have released recently". However, this left us with the option of carrying on with the publisher's plan of a relaunch under a new title, and so Mountaincore was born as the relaunched version of King under the Mountain, but with a very large amount of extra development, features and polish since the last update to Steam. Best of all, we're back to being able to be fully transparent and open about the development process and are engaged with our community once again.


  • A deeply simulated world with changing weather and seasons that have a big impact on gameplay
  • Every one of your settlers has their own needs and desires to fulfil as they work together for the common good
  • A deep crafting tree that leaves no natural resource unused, tied together into satisfying production chains
  • Twitch integration that uses viewer names for settlers to help streamer engagement
  • (Planned content) Take a party of adventurers to explore other maps and locations - including the maps of other players!
  • (Planned content) Play as other races such as Orcs and Humans with wildly different gameplay mechanics


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Gameplay Video YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (13MB)


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About Rocket Jump Technology

Rocket Jump Technology is a small indie studio based in Manchester, UK.

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Mountaincore Credits

Ross Taylor-Turner
Lead Design and Programming

Michael Rocke
Lead Programming

Ellen Elliott-Brown
Lead 2D and UI Artist

Jordan Chin
Music and Sound Effects

Anthony Avon
Concept Artwork

Katie-Beth Tutt
Character and Environment Artist

Derek Restivo

Dave Rigley

Rizal Zulkifli

Juan I. Goncebat
Additional music

Francisco Rivera
Additional music

Bettina Calmon
Additional music

Hannah (rimosound)
Additional music

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